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A New Front in the Fight against Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack his central nervous system. The most common form of MS is relapsing-remitting MS, which is characterized by random spouts of symptoms. There are medications designed to manage the condition, but they are not always effective.

A Better Solution

Researchers are now confident that they have come up with a more effective way of treating relapsing-remitting MS. It involves stem cell transplants and high doses of immunosuppressive therapy. The patient’s blood-forming stem cells are extracted and preserved, after which the patient undergoes high-doses of immunosuppressive therapy. The extracted stem cells are then re-introduced into the body to rebuild the depleted immune system.

The researchers found out that this single procedure is capable of sustaining remission of the condition for much longer than current medications do. And, although the risks have not been fully identified yet, there is optimism that it will be less risky than current medications as the researchers refine their findings.


This new form of treating relapsing-remitting MS has been under study for five years now in a trial dubbed HALT-MS. It involved 24 volunteers aged between 26 and 52 who experienced relapses in spite of taking clinical medications. Most of the participants have stayed in remission since the medication was administered at the start of the trial. Additionally, several participants have experienced improvements such as recovery of some disabilities.

About Dr. Shiva Vasishta

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a practicing neurologist and psychiatrist in Voorhees, NJ. He also practices at the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. He attended the Government Medical College in 1979 and harnessed his skills while in residency at the Boston City Hospital.

Dr. Shiva Vasishta is also an affiliate of Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. His hospital accepts a wide range of insurance plans.

Mike Baur Helps the First Time Business Owner

Mike Baur is showing the world how you can successfully start a business. He is a former banking executive that became tired of the banking industry. He’s used his knowledge of the banking business and his entrepreneurial skills and decided to start a business known as the Swiss Startup Factory.


This is a phenomenal thing for people that may never have been in business for themselves. Mike Baur and his team are doing their best to help those people that have never been able to go out and start a business on their own. He has different levels in the business field that he is interested in helping people develop. There are coaches in place to help entrepreneurs that are simply at the growth stage of their business. There are other business leaders in place that can help these men and women transform their business into one that is thriving and profitable. This is what Mike has been able to do with people that make a decision to sign up for his program. He has the accelerator program that is excellent for people that want to get their businesses started in a timely manner.


The majority of people that start up businesses for the first time are not equipped to totally know all the aspects that it takes to make a business successful. Baur knows many people may have failed to realize. He is able to look at the business from the perspective of someone that has experience. He knows about venture capitalists. He also knows what it will take to help a business grow from one stage to another. Most new business owners have a successful mind frame, but they may not have the resources to accurately assess the market. Many people simply have a good idea that they want to capitalize on. They may not know anything about sales forecasting or other things like just-in-time inventory. It takes someone like Mike Baur to give people some insight that they may otherwise not have.


The Swiss Factory Startup is something that business owners really need because it helps a lot of people from starting businesses that fail. Everyone thinks that they have a good idea, but sometimes these are ideals that need to be improved upon greatly before the business goes into effect. This is why the Swiss Startup Factory is important. It prevents people from making bad decisions.



The Participation of Madison Street Capital in the ARES Security’s Investment Deal

Madison Street Capital has been highly recognized for the investment guidance that it offers to the corporate world. ARES Security recently hired the services of the firm to assist it in its minority recapitalization transaction. ARES’s state-of-the-art products have been internationally recognized for the safety that they offer to the world’s most valuable properties. Ben Eazzetta, who currently serves as its president appreciate the excellent investment guidance that his firm received from Madison Street Capital. An executive at the investment banking organization, Reginald McGaugh, believes that its management is highly skilled and experienced. It displayed exemplary performance in the security firm’s deal by assisting it to find an efficient financing company that is highly reliable.


In 2016, ARES Security worked with Madison Street Capital in many transactions. The company’s president appreciated its services and expressed his satisfaction in the procedures that were used in the valuation and sourcing of a trustworthy financial partner. Madison Street Capital’s experts put in a lot of work to assist ARES Security in getting a funding company that would support its goal of having a functional capital structure. The firm’s new finance associate is Corbel Structured Equity Partners. It believes that Corbel will be helpful by providing innovative and reliable banking solutions that will facilitate the establishment of a notable equity. The finance firm’s flexibility will allow ARES to have a chance of advancing its sells tactics and exploiting emerging opportunities. Corbel Structured Equity Partners offers one if the most reliable equity funds. The enterprise has managed more than $95 million since it was established in 2013.


ARES Security has been trusted for the unparalleled security technology that it has been providing. The firm runs its operations from Vienna, Virginia Atlanta and is among the global leaders in the security risk control sector. The broad variety of technology solutions that are offered by the firm can be useful in safeguarding nuclear plants, sensitive government-owned programs, transportation, and energy industries.


Madison Street Capital is devoted to providing exceptional investment banking products and services to its clients across the world. It is an expert in estimating the value of companies, merger and acquisitions, as well as financial alternatives. The Madison Street Capital reputation is exceptional since it shows excellence, service, leadership, and integrity when serving the clients. It has been using emerging opportunities to ensure the growth of its customers in international markets. The firm also offers its services professionally hence establishing healthy relationships with the customers.

Real Estate Magnate: Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is one of the household names in the global real estate and food services industry. The 63 years-old entrepreneur was born in UAE. He graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Economics). Immediately, he ventured into the real estate business industry first as a contracts manager in GASCO, an operating branch of the Abu Dhabi National Oil. He later established his own business empire under the brand, Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC) LLC in 1982. The company changed its name to DAMAC Group, which operates a portfolio of companies mainly in the luxurious real estate and food service industry.

Hussain’s success in business saw him establish the DAMAC Properties in 2002. The company is a subsidiary of the DAMAC Group, which focuses on residential, leisure and commercial real estate development. The company is headquartered in Dubai, and is one of the grounding figures behind the sprawling city of Dubai, including most of the high end buildings that groom the city. Seizing the opportunity of the government of Dubai that allowed foreigners to own property in Emirates in the early 2000s, Hussain Sajwani saw a great future in the real estate market. He resorted to purchasing land in the reserve surroundings of the Dubai City which was mostly desert at the time. A prudent economist and a futurist, Sajwani’s optimism has really paid off lucratively.


Being a giant figure in the real estate industry, he has partnered with several global billionaires with similar interest in the industry. Hussain Sajwani has partnered with the current US President, Donald Trump, who also is an established global property developer. Way back in 2013 before even Trump showed interest in the US topflight job, the duo had already partnered to see the development of two Trump-branded golf courses which are yet to be opened. Their friendship has since been growing stronger to the bizarre extent that saw the two celebrate the 2017 New Year eve together in Florida.


Hussain Sajwani has also initiated several philanthropic moves; more notably the 2-million-dollar donation for AED. The donation was to see successful campaign to clothe over a million destitute children globally.



Alexei Beltyukov’s Business Success and Innovation

Mr. Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur and economic adviser to the Russian government. He holds a bachelors and masters degree in business administration from INSEAD College in France. Previously, he had worked as a government internal medicine doctor.

After studying business, Alexei Beltyukov has gotten involved with business ventures in his native Russia, Eastern Europe and even the United States. One of Alexei Beltyukov’s first jobs was working for Brunswick Rail Leasing.

A Japanese owned company had a significant amount of rail cars within Russia. Alexei was tasked to find freight traffic and expand operations. Armed with knowledge from INSEAD, Alexei managed to exceed the Japanese owners’ expectations.

According to Ad Week, Alexei Beltyukov’s next venture was working for a management company that was called A-Ventures Ltd. A consortium of businessman and the holdings of a Russian oligarch were consolidated under the company and placed under its management.

The goal of the managers, which included Alexei Beltyukov, was to make the companies profitable. Some of the companies were bleeding money and unprofitable. It was the goal of A-Ventures Ltd. to turn the companies around or sell them off.

Once again, Alexei Beltyukov exceeded expectations and managed to make a large number of the companies in the portfolio profitable. Additionally, unprofitable companies were sold to minimize losses for the owners. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyuko:

Some of the companies were restructured and profits were either increased or expenses were slashed to generate more revenue for the owners.

As a government advisor, Alexei Beltyukov serves as vice president at the Skolkovo Foundation. This is a Russian government technology incubator that provides tax incentives, funding and networking for tech startups in Russia.

Alexei also advises the Russian economic ministry on affairs dealing with business development and investment within Russia.

Privately, Alexei is now an angel investor. He created an angel investment firm that he named Endemic Capital in 2013. It focuses on investing in technology and industrial companies in Russia that would lack access to capital from traditional means.

More recently Mr. Beltyukov was hired as a director of the educational platform called Solvy. He helped launch and market Solvy to the general public in the USA.

How the USHEALTH Group Fulfills the Needs of its Clients

The USHEALTH Group is one of the highly recognized providers of health insurance solutions to the United States people. The company offers its solutions through its subsidiaries, and they are the National Foundation Life Insurance Company, the Freedom Life Insurance Company, and the Enterprise Life Insurance Company. The primary aim of the affiliates is to provide exceptional solutions to the clients, and it has always customized them according to their budget and needs. The insurance firm’s premises are based in Fort Worth, Texas. The USHEALTH Group has always devoted itself to offering the most reliable healthcare insurance solutions in the United States. It offers a broad range of comprehensive products and services that suit the varying needs of the clients. The solutions that it offers include insurance for specific diseases, accidents for the self-employed, life, and family. The has been trusted by more than 15 million clients who have bought its products in the past five decades that it has been operational. Its products are tailored to ensure that they address the specific needs of the clients.


The units of the USHEALTH Group have two principals that they use in offering services. The know that the needs of each client are unique and also believe in using comprehensive solutions in addressing insurance needs. The firm has therefore developed a wide variety of solutions that customers can select. It has also ensured that everyone can afford them by tailoring them to suit the budget of an individual. USHEALTH Group has one of the most reliable customer services in the industry. The representatives and employees of the firm assist people to select the best insurance package by offering guidance that wholly considers their needs. The company has created an excellent claim compensation program that enables clients to be served in time. It has also managed to equalize its payments and claims, and this has facilitated its smooth operations. The firm was awarded grade A during a Better Business Bureau analysis due to its unparalleled customer services.


The USHEALTH Group and its units have been distributing their solutions by using a competent and licensed agency, which is called USHEALTH Advisors. It has dedicated itself to giving Americans the best buying experience despite the challenges that are faced in the provision of health insurance solutions. Its analyses all its representatives to ensure that they are competent and licensed before they are allowed to distribute products. The USHEALTH Group considers all its clients as valuable and has been working to satisfy all their needs. The excellent customer service that it has been offering attracts many customers across North America.

Construction In Brazil With Construcap

There are many beauties in this world, one of them being architecture. There are so many ways to make a plain building look stunning. Brazil has been recognized for their beautiful buildings because of construction companies like Construcap. They are a company that does a lot of the construction is Brazil, and they have been awarded several different awards such as appearing to be seventh place in the Brazilian Engineering Ranking system on Which puts them in the top 10 best construction companies in Brazil. Construcap’s goals are to provide, develop and manage continuous building projects on YouTube, while still respecting the beautiful environment that mother nature has given us- which is a skill a lot of other companies lack. Construcap is also involved in both private and public marketing. The company was founded in 1955 when Julio Capobianco and José Mandacaru, Iorio Adami, Jose Ribeiro and John Ulic Burke Jr. all got together with their collaboration of skills they created a thriving company. Later in 1972 Construcap and Constructora Pereira de Souza paired up and to create one of the best construction companies creating Construcap CCPS Engenharia e Comercio S/A.

Construcap is a part of a wide variety of projects such as housing buildings, infrastructure, and industrial buildings. They also offer many great services such as engineering and construction, the scope of services and structured projects. Construcap has contributed to almost all of the infrastructure services in Brazil. They are a very reliable and trustable company who takes pride in ensuring complete customer satisfaction on Construcap is also responsible for the construction, operation, and design of the lovely Minas Arena Stadium that is in the ravishing city of Belo Horizonte. Which is a beautiful building that is often recognized for the overall look of the building!

Construcap also has several different committees. Some of those committees are their code of conduct, training and qualification, business committee and integrity committee. Construcap commits themselves into good engineering, efficiency, and competitiveness. Which are only some of the many qualities that Construcap has to offer.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Has a New Scandal Cooked Up


For going on close to 10 years Lime Crime has been a leader in the cosmetic industry. They offer everything from lip products to highlighters and eyeshadow. They are typically most known for their great lasting power as well as their adorable packaging.

When Lime Crime first hit the market they were one of the first companies of their kind. They offered unique bold colors that you simply could not find anywhere else. They also offered cute convenient packaging that customers loved. Each Lime Crime product is made with deep rich pigments that offer the most color payoff. Not only are the colors richly pigmented but they also last a very long time. Lime Crime offers a large variety of colors and products to choose from.


One of lime crimes most popular products is their unicorn lipstick. This lipstick was one of the first things the company introduced and it is still just as popular today. The Unicorn lipstick comes in a large variety of fun colors such as mint green, blue, black and even purple. The Unicorn lipstick also comes in an adorable pink lipstick tube with a white unicorn on it. The Unicorn lipstick as well as each and every Lime Crime product is 100% vegan as well as cruelty free, making it really popular with the Instagram crowd. Lime Crime is backed by top animal agencies such as leaping Bunny and Peta.

Another one of Lime Crime’s most popular products is their newly-released velvetine matte lipstick in the color Scandal. It is a gorgeous Plum shade that is very pigmented yet velvety smooth. Each of The Velvetine lip products go on silky and smooth and dry to a nice matte finish. Scandal is just one of the many color great colors that are available in The Velveteen matte lipstick. Lime Crime is widely available online and is also sold in many different retail locations. With so many great colors and products it is easy to see why they are still one of the top leading companies in the cosmetic industry. They are constantly adding and improving on their products as well as their packaging to offer customers the best products available. Read PR Newswire’s article Lime Crime Adds ‘Scandal’ to Velvetine Lipstick Line, to get the full scoop.

WaiakeaAchieves Enviable Success in a Short Time

Waiakea water has achieved a steady and upward progress since it rolled out its business in 2012. The 5000 percent growth has left many in and out of the industry marveling at the great feat Emmons team has pulled. Waiakea, whose foundation is on charity, sustainability and health, has grown its presence to a whopping 2000 stores spread all over the U.S. This brand is found in 30 U.S states to be exact. The local success has propelled Waiakea to international waters so that it is now launching a facility in Hawaii to cater to the international market.

Waiakea and Charity

Ryan Emmons, the founder and youthful entrepreneur, expressed satisfaction that the bottled water was doing phenomenally well. That the product demand has grown from a few thousand cases to about 120,000 cases each year, has left many reeling with shock and surprise. The success registered by waiakea water was made to feel better by the generous contribution the bottled water company demonstrates. 500 million bottles were donated to communities in Africa in need of fresh drinking water.

The partnership Waiakea has made with Pump Aid over the years is such that for each liter of drinking water sold, 650 liters is donated to deserving communities in Africa. Apart from its charity work, Waiakea enjoys success attributed to its composition as a product. The naturally alkaline drink is also rich in electrolytes and minerals. Waiakea is packed in recyclable bottles which makes it more endearing to clients.

A Different Approach

According to Forbes, Emmons feels that the success of Waiakea Water  is also due to the different success path the company took. That the water is certified to be CarbonNeutral®, also adds to its likability. Waiakea’s platform, charity, sustainability and health, has also encouraged clients to try the product.


Today,Waiakea spring water is estimated to be worth $10 million. This water bottle is in most of the supermarket shelves countrywide. It can be found in Whole Foods as well as Wawa.

The Volcanic Water

Specialty Food reported that Waiakea water is sourced from avolcano in Big Island. This volcano: Mauna Loa, has pure water rich in minerals. It has an alkaline taste and is electrolyte-rich. Venturing into this business was not easy, according to Emmons. The industry’s rich and experienced 50 something beverage entrepreneurs were intimidating, but Emmons and his team persisted.

Emmons says that though they were not so respected, today they are the talk of town after achieving what was an unprecedented success in a short while.

Just in time for the holidays, Securus video visitation is a gift to all

When Securus Technology began introducing its video visitation platform back in the mid-2000s, it had a vision of widespread adoption and eventual replacement of the trouble-prone, in-person visitation system. A decade on, that vision has largely come to fruition. Securus’ visitation systems have been implemented in over 2300 prisons nationwide. If anything, the net benefits are even greater than initially anticipated. The system has proven to be a boon to everyone involved, including inmates, families, officers and management. Let’s look at some of the ways that Securus will bring a little extra joy this holiday season to all who are affected by its video visitation technology.



Savings that transcend money


In this tear jerking video an inmate is reunited with his son while the latter opens his much anticipated presents on Christmas morning. It doesn’t take an academic to spot the enormous benefits such interactions bring to inmates who are enveloped by an environment of hostility and violence. Such savings are best measured in souls rather than dollars.


But the actual cost savings of this system can’t be neglected either. Aside from saving staggering amounts for families who were previously condemned to make the journey to the prison for an in-person visit, the savings to the institution itself have proven remarkable. This is, in part, due to reduction of the manpower-intensive visitation protocols and part due to the notable reduction in inmate behavior problems associated with prisoners who are granted more constant, meaningful communication with their loved ones.


The prison visitation process has historically been the Achilles heel of institutional security. It’s the point at which it’s most likely contraband will be passed. It also poses unique security risks due to the volatility of inmates interacting freely with large numbers of people from the outside. On top of that, inmates who are allowed in-person visits must be moved throughout the prison. This frequently involves transporting gang members outside of their normal locations in the prison and through areas controlled by rival gangs. All of these things conspire to make in-person visitations an enormous resource drain for the prisons that provide them.


In nearly all cases where the video visitation system has been implemented, inmate compliance and general disciplinary problems have improved. This is partly explained by the pacifying effect meaningful contact with one’s loved ones can have. However, it’s also certainly due in part to the ascendance of video visitation to the status of coveted privilege. Inmates who do not behave risk being cut off from daily contact with friends and family. Thus, video visitation becomes a useful tool for prison staff to maintain order.