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Mike Baur Helps the First Time Business Owner

Mike Baur is showing the world how you can successfully start a business. He is a former banking executive that became tired of the banking industry. He’s used his knowledge of the banking business and his entrepreneurial skills and decided to start a business known as the Swiss Startup Factory.


This is a phenomenal thing for people that may never have been in business for themselves. Mike Baur and his team are doing their best to help those people that have never been able to go out and start a business on their own. He has different levels in the business field that he is interested in helping people develop. There are coaches in place to help entrepreneurs that are simply at the growth stage of their business. There are other business leaders in place that can help these men and women transform their business into one that is thriving and profitable. This is what Mike has been able to do with people that make a decision to sign up for his program. He has the accelerator program that is excellent for people that want to get their businesses started in a timely manner.


The majority of people that start up businesses for the first time are not equipped to totally know all the aspects that it takes to make a business successful. Baur knows many people may have failed to realize. He is able to look at the business from the perspective of someone that has experience. He knows about venture capitalists. He also knows what it will take to help a business grow from one stage to another. Most new business owners have a successful mind frame, but they may not have the resources to accurately assess the market. Many people simply have a good idea that they want to capitalize on. They may not know anything about sales forecasting or other things like just-in-time inventory. It takes someone like Mike Baur to give people some insight that they may otherwise not have.


The Swiss Factory Startup is something that business owners really need because it helps a lot of people from starting businesses that fail. Everyone thinks that they have a good idea, but sometimes these are ideals that need to be improved upon greatly before the business goes into effect. This is why the Swiss Startup Factory is important. It prevents people from making bad decisions.



Real Estate Magnate: Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is one of the household names in the global real estate and food services industry. The 63 years-old entrepreneur was born in UAE. He graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Economics). Immediately, he ventured into the real estate business industry first as a contracts manager in GASCO, an operating branch of the Abu Dhabi National Oil. He later established his own business empire under the brand, Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC) LLC in 1982. The company changed its name to DAMAC Group, which operates a portfolio of companies mainly in the luxurious real estate and food service industry.

Hussain’s success in business saw him establish the DAMAC Properties in 2002. The company is a subsidiary of the DAMAC Group, which focuses on residential, leisure and commercial real estate development. The company is headquartered in Dubai, and is one of the grounding figures behind the sprawling city of Dubai, including most of the high end buildings that groom the city. Seizing the opportunity of the government of Dubai that allowed foreigners to own property in Emirates in the early 2000s, Hussain Sajwani saw a great future in the real estate market. He resorted to purchasing land in the reserve surroundings of the Dubai City which was mostly desert at the time. A prudent economist and a futurist, Sajwani’s optimism has really paid off lucratively.


Being a giant figure in the real estate industry, he has partnered with several global billionaires with similar interest in the industry. Hussain Sajwani has partnered with the current US President, Donald Trump, who also is an established global property developer. Way back in 2013 before even Trump showed interest in the US topflight job, the duo had already partnered to see the development of two Trump-branded golf courses which are yet to be opened. Their friendship has since been growing stronger to the bizarre extent that saw the two celebrate the 2017 New Year eve together in Florida.


Hussain Sajwani has also initiated several philanthropic moves; more notably the 2-million-dollar donation for AED. The donation was to see successful campaign to clothe over a million destitute children globally.



Billionaire Entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky’s War On Cancer

As a billionaire “serial entrepreneur,” Eric Lefkofsky is one busy man. Groupon is just one of many business entities, where he’s maintains involvement in day-to-day operations, also guiding the development from a leadership position. Groupon is a world famous subscriber based concept co-created by Lefkofsky. When Eric isn’t working at Groupon, he’s also an Adjunct professor, board member, founder, chairman or CEO for other businesses he’s created or helped to create.

Out of all of his entrepreneurial efforts and endeavors, perhaps there’s none more significant than Tempus. Newly launched in 2016, Tempus is a technological innovator, researching the best use of compiled raw data from cancer patients.

This raw data contains all the information about which treatment works best for the correlating kind of cancer. Then the data is combined with the patient’s own medical history and specifics about their cancer. It is thought that understanding the sum total of phenotypical, molecular and prototypical data, will greatly improve cancer mortality rates.

Listed by the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State, Tempus Health Incorporated is gathering data for use by treating physicians, in order to enhance clinical treatment options. Options, which would then give cancer patients a greater chance for survival. Tempus is a start-up technological based research organization. Lefkofsky strongly believes that technology is the key to improving clinical treatment. In the near future, Tempus hopes to significantly reduced the number of cancer deaths.

To date, Eric Lefkofsky has quietly donated millions of dollar to improve cancer research. So, it follows that his philanthropic initiatives would lead him to the creation of Tempus. Lefkofsky witnessed someone receiving cancer treatment and he began ruminating about using modern technological to find a cure for the most aggressive types.

Since its launch, Tempus has been operating out of the same building as another Lefkofsky co-founded business, Lightbank. What Eric Lefkofsky hopes Tempus will accomplish, is provide real-time research data, available at bedside, for all physicians treating cancer patients. Using this real time data will help to develop modern therapies, thus providing cancer patients with personalized, precise treatment for better overall care.

In January 2016, Eric Lefkofsky was profiled on the website, “Inside Philanthropy.” Inside Philanthropy is a non-profit website founded in 2013. It is devoted to highlighting major gift giving by those involved in the philanthropy sector. When profiling Lefkofsky, the website focused on the efforts of a charitable trust, he created with his wife in 2006. The trust, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation is prominently recognized throughout the Illinois area for its generous quarterly gift giving. Eric Lefkofsky on behalf of the trust has awarded numerous large grants to various organizations within the Chicago arts and culture community.

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) Launches a New & Improved Website to Help their Clients

Defective titles are a real cause for concern for consumers in the real estate realm. These faulty documents are to blame for the wrongful foreclosures and for the hitches experienced in transitioning assets from buyers to sellers. According to the experts, these risks are best avoided by having proper property records.


The experts at Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc (NTC) assist people to gain access to accurate property records. To that effect, this organization went ahead and launched their updated website. Using the site, prospective homeowners can view extensive property report records.


Defective titles could arise as a result of the following:-


  1. Wording mistakes. Some titles get deemed as null and void because of issues with the choice of words used. The terms and conditions outlined might not be compatible with the real estate market standards in your area.


  1. The omission of a signature. Different titles have different requirements. Some entail that both the husband and the wife have to sign for it to be legitimate.



  1. The title could end up being defective as a result of previous liens and encumbrances. To make it credible, these need to be removed.


  1. One needs to follow the correct protocols when filing and recording real estate documents. Failure to which the titles turn out to be defective.


It is for this reasons that the CEO of NTC John Hillman recommends home buyers first to confirm that everything is in perfect order before purchasing or transferring any piece of property. The evolution of the mortgage industry has been made possible by access to the following information online:-


Assignment Verification Report Services


Current Owner Report


Tax Status Report


Tax Status (Plus) Report


The NTCs’ website lists the research data from all the residential properties in the nation. The organization sources its data from numerous credible and trustable sources. Their research starts at the county level and proceeds all the way to the state levels. All the info and data collected has to be verified. Their success is attributed to their profound understanding of the needs and wants of their clients.


About NTC


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., main agenda is to provide real-estate participants with accurate information and data. This data is essential when it comes to making prudent decisions moving forward. It is ranked as one of the fastest growing companies nationwide. The company got voted as the winner of the Top 100 Workplace Designation firms in Tampa Bay Times. As of 2016, the company employs well over 450 employees. The company has expanded to now have a data center in Dallas, Texas.

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