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The Participation of Madison Street Capital in the ARES Security’s Investment Deal

Madison Street Capital has been highly recognized for the investment guidance that it offers to the corporate world. ARES Security recently hired the services of the firm to assist it in its minority recapitalization transaction. ARES’s state-of-the-art products have been internationally recognized for the safety that they offer to the world’s most valuable properties. Ben Eazzetta, who currently serves as its president appreciate the excellent investment guidance that his firm received from Madison Street Capital. An executive at the investment banking organization, Reginald McGaugh, believes that its management is highly skilled and experienced. It displayed exemplary performance in the security firm’s deal by assisting it to find an efficient financing company that is highly reliable.


In 2016, ARES Security worked with Madison Street Capital in many transactions. The company’s president appreciated its services and expressed his satisfaction in the procedures that were used in the valuation and sourcing of a trustworthy financial partner. Madison Street Capital’s experts put in a lot of work to assist ARES Security in getting a funding company that would support its goal of having a functional capital structure. The firm’s new finance associate is Corbel Structured Equity Partners. It believes that Corbel will be helpful by providing innovative and reliable banking solutions that will facilitate the establishment of a notable equity. The finance firm’s flexibility will allow ARES to have a chance of advancing its sells tactics and exploiting emerging opportunities. Corbel Structured Equity Partners offers one if the most reliable equity funds. The enterprise has managed more than $95 million since it was established in 2013.


ARES Security has been trusted for the unparalleled security technology that it has been providing. The firm runs its operations from Vienna, Virginia Atlanta and is among the global leaders in the security risk control sector. The broad variety of technology solutions that are offered by the firm can be useful in safeguarding nuclear plants, sensitive government-owned programs, transportation, and energy industries.


Madison Street Capital is devoted to providing exceptional investment banking products and services to its clients across the world. It is an expert in estimating the value of companies, merger and acquisitions, as well as financial alternatives. The Madison Street Capital reputation is exceptional since it shows excellence, service, leadership, and integrity when serving the clients. It has been using emerging opportunities to ensure the growth of its customers in international markets. The firm also offers its services professionally hence establishing healthy relationships with the customers.