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UK Vintners Give Festive Wine Advice

The Holiday season can be a difficult one to navigate for people who are looking to create the perfect festive atmosphere through a range of luxury foods and wines that will accompany any party or simple gathering. UK Vintners PLC has been providing its clients with the best possible advice about wines and champagne for a number of years and has opened up a number of channels that have been created to make sure the best possible wines are always available to clients; one of the areas that has opened up new channels for success for the clients of the company is the brokerage that allows the purchase and sale of wines from private individuals from across the globe.

In terms of the coming festive period the vintners from UKV PLC have recently assembled a list of the top five wines to be enjoyed over the Holiday season. The Christmas period is known as being one when the people of the world search for the best possible options when it comes to rich, luxurious desserts, and a dessert wine that will match the rich textures and flavors that are enjoyed at this time of year. Experts from UKV PLC recommend the 2009 D’Yquem that offers a soft texture filled with the flavors and aromas of honey, apricot, and spiced pears that add a sense of festive enjoyment to any meal or snack.

Wines are always popular over the festive period and options for drinking the best wines available include the 2008 Beychevelle that is considered by the experts at UK Vintners PLC to be a great option for drinking and enjoying for its easy nature; the festive period is represented in this offering from the Saint-Julien region of France through the cranberry and raspberry flavors that can easily be spotted in this wine.

This festive time of year is often referred to as the party season as Christmas and New Year’s Eve events take place around the world, which should be accompanied by a a wine such as the 1998 Montrose that is a Merlot filled with earthy flavors creating a perfect accompaniment for enjoying a festive get together. Getting the finest wines available should also mean looking at the best offerings in blended varieties that are recommended by UKV PLC, including the 1998 Pichon Baron wine that has been created from a range of grapes in the Bordeaux region of France that have been used to create an impressive sweet wine perfect for the festive season.

Deep reds and purples are always associated with the festive season and are represented in the Ducru Beauchaillou from 2005 that is now at the perfect maturity level to be enjoyed over the Holiday season from one of Bordeaux’s oldest and best loved wineries.

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