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George Soros Promotes Reform of U.S. Judicial System

Billionaire investor George Soros has recently turned his attention towards reshaping the American justice system. Soros recently backed Hillary Clinton for president, without success, so has turned his focus towards several local district attorney campaigns. He supported several African-American and Hispanic candidates for these roles, because they all have philosophies leaning toward Soros’, like pushing for racial equality in the justice system, and pushing for drug offenders to enter rehab programs rather than jail. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Soros gave money to super PACs in states like Illinois, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. The campaign theme was to fight for justice and safety. The safety and justice group in Florida just spent $1.4 million on a Democratic primary for a candidate for state’s attorney in the state. All the money was thought to come from George Soros. Soros progressive agenda in supporting justice system change in the United States is aimed at making sure that everyone no matter what race gender or nationality receives the same treatment in the court systems.


Progressives claim that the recent uptick in news coverage of African-Americans being killed indiscriminately by police has sparked interest in the election of district attorneys. This has brought about a push to reduce the US prison population and promote treatment. Soros Open Societies Foundation has been a major supporter of criminal justice reform, and was a major supporter of California-based Alliance for Safety and Justice, which promotes equal treatment under the law.

District attorneys have a big say in prosecutorial discretion giving them major influence in charges and sentences that defendants face in prosecution. A recent research project found that 95% of local prosecutors in the US are white, which leads many to wonder whether people of all races are getting a fair shake. Most people don’t even know who their district attorney is. George Soros believes that voters need to focus on who their local justices are, and determine whether they are acting based on race, gender or nationality. He plans to continue to support district attorney elections throughout the United States in an effort to promote justice and reform. Read this story about George at