All The Week

Kim Dao Attends a KPOP Concert

KPOP is a South Korean popular music that fits different genres including rock, jazz, hip hop, and more. Kim Dao and her friend Sunnydahye went to a KPOP concert to see High 4, a South Korean boy band that was playing in Tokyo, Japan. It was the first concert Kim Dao ever attended in Japan. The group doesn’t sound that different from the boy bands of the United States and the United Kingdom. Alex is a friend of Sunnydahye and Kim Dao. Before the concert, the girls went backstage to see the band.


Kim Dao showed us clips of the band’s various acts that evening. The group performed Love Line. After the concert, Kim Dao went to a place called Detour to have some tea and a ham sandwich. They wasted some time before meeting up with Alex. Sunnydahye and Kim Dao went to a Tokyo restaurant for dinner with Alex. It had pea pods, pot stickers, some meats and chicken on skewers.


Afterwards, Kim Dao, Sunnydahye, and Alex went shopping in a place similar to a dollar store. It had little snack treats, including jellies and chocolate pop bouquets. There were costumes like iron man and fig leaf types. All the way in Japan, the shop remembered our own Donald Trump by selling rubbery, squeezable heads in his image.


On the way to the train station, Kim Dao noticed that Tokyo had a Tony Moly beauty supply store where at home, she buys some of her makeup. They had fun.