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Lime Crime Cosmetics Has a New Scandal Cooked Up


For going on close to 10 years Lime Crime has been a leader in the cosmetic industry. They offer everything from lip products to highlighters and eyeshadow. They are typically most known for their great lasting power as well as their adorable packaging.

When Lime Crime first hit the market they were one of the first companies of their kind. They offered unique bold colors that you simply could not find anywhere else. They also offered cute convenient packaging that customers loved. Each Lime Crime product is made with deep rich pigments that offer the most color payoff. Not only are the colors richly pigmented but they also last a very long time. Lime Crime offers a large variety of colors and products to choose from.


One of lime crimes most popular products is their unicorn lipstick. This lipstick was one of the first things the company introduced and it is still just as popular today. The Unicorn lipstick comes in a large variety of fun colors such as mint green, blue, black and even purple. The Unicorn lipstick also comes in an adorable pink lipstick tube with a white unicorn on it. The Unicorn lipstick as well as each and every Lime Crime product is 100% vegan as well as cruelty free, making it really popular with the Instagram crowd. Lime Crime is backed by top animal agencies such as leaping Bunny and Peta.

Another one of Lime Crime’s most popular products is their newly-released velvetine matte lipstick in the color Scandal. It is a gorgeous Plum shade that is very pigmented yet velvety smooth. Each of The Velvetine lip products go on silky and smooth and dry to a nice matte finish. Scandal is just one of the many color great colors that are available in The Velveteen matte lipstick. Lime Crime is widely available online and is also sold in many different retail locations. With so many great colors and products it is easy to see why they are still one of the top leading companies in the cosmetic industry. They are constantly adding and improving on their products as well as their packaging to offer customers the best products available. Read PR Newswire’s article Lime Crime Adds ‘Scandal’ to Velvetine Lipstick Line, to get the full scoop.