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M&A Annual Awards


During the 15th annual M&A Awards, it was announced that Madison Street Capital was the finalists for the award. This company is an international investment firm based in Chicago. The M&A Awards identify enterprises that have been exceptional in; closing deals, restructuring of business and also financing of other companies. This award is highly esteemed in the financial sector and only crowns elite companies that have been exceptional in their service. The winner of the annual award was announced later in November.


This investment company had also been nominated for the international and industrial deal of the year and the boutique investment firm of the year. This nomination, international and industrial deal of the year award, acknowledges the impeccable role that this company played in the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. The transaction had been facilitated by the managing director of the company Karl D’Cunha. This acquisition was complex as it involved many transactions and also had a lot of moving parts.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison is an international investment banking firm that mainly deals with the provision various services to the financial sector. It is involved in; valuation of both private and publicly held businesses, mergers and acquisitions and also the provision of financial advisory services and expertise. By providing these services to clients, various companies have been able to thrive in the ever competitive global market. Also, Madison LLC has deal-makers that are highly-skilled with years of experience.


These deal makers work relentlessly to ensure clients get to know the diverse business opportunities around the globe. When the customer brings his proposal to the company, each of his needs is critically analyzed. This is to ensure that the client is partnered with the best option possible to guarantee optimal performance of his business.


This helps clients grow and develop their various businesses. Integrity, leadership, excellence and service are core values that are upheld in this firm. These values have immensely contributed to Madison Street Capital reputation of it being a trustworthy and reliable company.


Currently, Charles Botchway serves as the CEO of the company. He is also the founder of the company. Charles Botchway has played a crucial role in the excellence of the company. Through his leadership, Madison LLC has been able to transact and oversee many mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector. As per now, the company has an in-house deal count that collectively amounts to over 100 deals under exclusive contract.


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