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UK Vintners Give Festive Wine Advice

The Holiday season can be a difficult one to navigate for people who are looking to create the perfect festive atmosphere through a range of luxury foods and wines that will accompany any party or simple gathering. UK Vintners PLC has been providing its clients with the best possible advice about wines and champagne for a number of years and has opened up a number of channels that have been created to make sure the best possible wines are always available to clients; one of the areas that has opened up new channels for success for the clients of the company is the brokerage that allows the purchase and sale of wines from private individuals from across the globe.

In terms of the coming festive period the vintners from UKV PLC have recently assembled a list of the top five wines to be enjoyed over the Holiday season. The Christmas period is known as being one when the people of the world search for the best possible options when it comes to rich, luxurious desserts, and a dessert wine that will match the rich textures and flavors that are enjoyed at this time of year. Experts from UKV PLC recommend the 2009 D’Yquem that offers a soft texture filled with the flavors and aromas of honey, apricot, and spiced pears that add a sense of festive enjoyment to any meal or snack.

Wines are always popular over the festive period and options for drinking the best wines available include the 2008 Beychevelle that is considered by the experts at UK Vintners PLC to be a great option for drinking and enjoying for its easy nature; the festive period is represented in this offering from the Saint-Julien region of France through the cranberry and raspberry flavors that can easily be spotted in this wine.

This festive time of year is often referred to as the party season as Christmas and New Year’s Eve events take place around the world, which should be accompanied by a a wine such as the 1998 Montrose that is a Merlot filled with earthy flavors creating a perfect accompaniment for enjoying a festive get together. Getting the finest wines available should also mean looking at the best offerings in blended varieties that are recommended by UKV PLC, including the 1998 Pichon Baron wine that has been created from a range of grapes in the Bordeaux region of France that have been used to create an impressive sweet wine perfect for the festive season.

Deep reds and purples are always associated with the festive season and are represented in the Ducru Beauchaillou from 2005 that is now at the perfect maturity level to be enjoyed over the Holiday season from one of Bordeaux’s oldest and best loved wineries.

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Williamson County Offered Solutions to its Traffic Issues by Transit experts

A lot of transit discussions in Austin area mostly focus on the city but the Williamson County Growth Summit recently had an opportunity to look at the transportation challenges affecting the community. The panel involved in the discussion was made up of RideScout LLC founder, Joseph Kopser, Mike Heiligenstein (CTRMA executive director), Leandre Johns (Texas external affairs director) and Jared Ficklin (ArgoDesign). Jared, a product designer who is focused on transportation, proposed that Central Austin should have an aerial gondola system. In the event that took place at Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center, the discussion centered on the role technology is playing in changing transportation across the globe and particularly in the Austin region.



Heiligenstein’s Input



Heiligenstein noted that the new technologies like ridesharing apps and driverless vehicles would transform transportation in a radical way. However, he believes that the Austin area requires investing in growing the transportation capacity it has currently by developing additional and smarter roads. He concluded that this would be the best solution to meet the mobility demands of the population that is growing rapidly. Most of the growth is being experienced in suburbs like Williamson County.



Preparing for Future Transportation Needs



Ficklin on his part emphasized that land-use and building codes should be flexible as he responded to a question raised by the panel moderator, Alan McGraw (Round Rock Mayor). The panel moderator was seeking to find out what the policymakers thought would be required in preparation of future transport needs. Ficklin added that roads and parking garages would still be a necessity even when vehicles will be autonomous. He also predicted that future parking garages will be about five feet tall and have multiple levels.



About Mike Heiligenstein



Mike Heiligenstein is Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s executive director in Austin, Texas. This autonomous government agency was founded in 2002 to plan a contemporary regional transportation network in Central Texas. The current and future projects of the Mobility Authority form key elements of a well planned multi-modal system of transportation that is designed to meet the varied mobility needs of the region that is growing fast. Mike has been at the Mobility Authority from when it was incepted and oversaw the 183A project in Williamson County.



Mike is currently serving in various other positions like he is the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association’s president. He serves on the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s advisory board and other working groups and committees handling transportation issues. Before heading Mobility Authority, he had served Williamson County’s residents as a public official for 23 years.

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Mike Heiligenstein of the CTRMA: The Central Texas Approach from Central Texas Mobility Authority

Lovaganza, The Extravaganza Of Love And Their Grand Capiteau

Lovaganza is the largest explosion of culture and beauty in the world, and it is coming in 2020 with a large list of events under their grand chapiteau. This article explains how the festival bringing the best of world culture to the people, and it is doing so using techniques that are found in the circuses of old. Everyone who wants to have a lovely look at what the world has to offer may come out to the big top or watch online

#1: The Extravaganza Of Love

The Extravaganza Of Love is the name of the show that will happen under the big top during the festival on It will be played out every day of the festival as a crown jewel of the event, and it will be the thing that offers the most information about world cultures. There are several cultures to be represented, and someone who comes to the festival must plan to see the show at least once.

#2: How Do The Films Play A Part?

The films made for the festival accompany the big show on in a way that other films would simply talk about the festival. The Marvelous 12 and Convoy are stories of how the festival got to the point it is today, and the story is a lovely on that many must partake in when they visit. The side projects at the festival will happen in their own tents, and the festival has many performers showing up for their time in the spotlight.

#3: How Long Does It Last?

The Lovaganza 2020 festival will last for months as every performer and every artist is given time to visit. They will perform their own works, showcase their works and offer the public a look at what it means to come from a certain culture. Every visitor may have a look at the schedule for the festival online, and they will find the people they most wish to watch during the event.

There will be a simulcast of the event online, and everyone who cannot travel will see the Extravaganza of Love online on Lovaganza wants to bring people together in a way that is meaningful, and they will showcase every culture they have found. They did quite an exhaustive search of the world to find what they were looking for, and they are using their skills to put on a circus and celebration the world has not yet seen. Source:

OSI Group Brings About A World Of Difference

For more than one hundred years, entrepreneurial food provider, the OSI Group has continued to carry on and escalate its family meat market approach.

Since its launch in Chicago in 1909 as a family meat market, OSI Group has consistently expanded its revolutionary food solutions to reach a global basis. The company accomplishes this through collaborations with global associates who have roots in their communities as well as regional market know-how.

At the present time, OSI Global has more than 60 facilities in 16 countries offering products that consist of meat patties, bacon, pizza, fish, pork, vegetables and more.

OSI Group works on customer’s specifications for made to order products through its partnerships and research and development staff.

For example, one well-known partnership is with McDonald’s as the OSI Group began supplying beef to them in 1955.

According to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin, the company has a unique, family culture that concentrates on longevity with employees as well as recognition for its food safety.

In addition, OSI Global advances through acquisitions. Earlier this year, the company acquired its second Chicago facility, a 200,000 square foot food processing facility and storage warehouse, which was formerly operated by Tyson Foods.

OSI Group also acquired Baho Food, a private Dutch company which manufactures convenience foods, deli meats and snacks with a focus on the food service and retail segments.

Through its five subsidiaries, Baho Food, operates plants in Germany and the Netherlands and supplies customers across 18 European countries.

In December 2016, the OSI Group announced it would add to the company’s broader presence in Europe with the acquisition of Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group.

According to OSI Group executives, Flagship Europe’s products and brands balance OSI’s processing strong points and at the same time broaden customer’s evolving needs.

Flagship Europe’s extensive range of products include frozen poultry, pies as well as mayonnaise, sauces and dressings.

As the company continues to invest in future growth, it has been recognized as new to the Top 100 List of Food and Beverage Companies in the World. It also ranked #58 on the 2016 Forbes List of largest private companies.

In addition, OSI Food Solutions UK received the esteemed Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council for worthy administration of environmental risks.



Williamson County Holds A Summit To Discuss About Traffic Solutions

Transit experts have come together to discuss and provide solutions to the traffic menace in Austin. The experts, who were guests at the Williamson County Growth Summit, analyzed the various ways that the city could solve its traffic problem. They sought to reduce the amount of time that the residents were wasting on the road each day. The discussions focused on the city’s suburban communities.

The summit had a panel of highly experienced individuals in the transport sector. Some of the committee’s members were Mike Heiligenstein from Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Leander John of Texas External Affairs, Joseph Kasper from RideScout LLC, and Uber Technologies Inc. In addition, the deliberations looked at ways through which technology could be used to solve the various challenges that the transport industry is facing both in Austin and around the world.

Heiligenstein, the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, noted that technology could play a critical role in reducing traffic. He pointed at how driverless vehicles and ride-sharing applications could drastically reduce congestion in the roads, thus easing traffic. He also noted that in Austin, the transportation capacity was inadequate and efforts should be directed towards building smarter roads. Heiligenstein believes that combining the two approaches is the best way that suburbs such as Williamson County could reduce its traffic congestion despite their rapidly growing population.

The executive director praised the investments made by county in its infrastructure over the last 15 years. With the rising population of the county, more investments should be made to ensure that the capacity of different roads is enhanced. He also recommended that the existing roads be upgraded to make them technologically advanced.

Speaking during the forum, Jared Fricklin suggested that land-use codes must remain flexible to cater for the possible change of land uses in future. This is critical for the expansion of roads or building other transport infrastructure. He also pointed out the need to create future garages. Such garages should be fitted with charging and service stations. However, such designs are not allowed by current building codes, thus the need to have flexible systems.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is a transport expert based in Austin, Texas. He is charged with overseeing the development of a modern transport network in the region. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was founded in 2002. The independent agency was formed to enhance Williamson and Travis County’s transportation system. Mike is also the president of the International Bridge, Tunnell, and Turnpike Association.

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Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) Launches a New & Improved Website to Help their Clients

Defective titles are a real cause for concern for consumers in the real estate realm. These faulty documents are to blame for the wrongful foreclosures and for the hitches experienced in transitioning assets from buyers to sellers. According to the experts, these risks are best avoided by having proper property records.


The experts at Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc (NTC) assist people to gain access to accurate property records. To that effect, this organization went ahead and launched their updated website. Using the site, prospective homeowners can view extensive property report records.


Defective titles could arise as a result of the following:-


  1. Wording mistakes. Some titles get deemed as null and void because of issues with the choice of words used. The terms and conditions outlined might not be compatible with the real estate market standards in your area.


  1. The omission of a signature. Different titles have different requirements. Some entail that both the husband and the wife have to sign for it to be legitimate.



  1. The title could end up being defective as a result of previous liens and encumbrances. To make it credible, these need to be removed.


  1. One needs to follow the correct protocols when filing and recording real estate documents. Failure to which the titles turn out to be defective.


It is for this reasons that the CEO of NTC John Hillman recommends home buyers first to confirm that everything is in perfect order before purchasing or transferring any piece of property. The evolution of the mortgage industry has been made possible by access to the following information online:-


Assignment Verification Report Services


Current Owner Report


Tax Status Report


Tax Status (Plus) Report


The NTCs’ website lists the research data from all the residential properties in the nation. The organization sources its data from numerous credible and trustable sources. Their research starts at the county level and proceeds all the way to the state levels. All the info and data collected has to be verified. Their success is attributed to their profound understanding of the needs and wants of their clients.


About NTC


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., main agenda is to provide real-estate participants with accurate information and data. This data is essential when it comes to making prudent decisions moving forward. It is ranked as one of the fastest growing companies nationwide. The company got voted as the winner of the Top 100 Workplace Designation firms in Tampa Bay Times. As of 2016, the company employs well over 450 employees. The company has expanded to now have a data center in Dallas, Texas.

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Get to know Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an American businessman, author and philanthropist who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Eric Pulier grew up in New Jersey and began programming computers in the fourth grade. As a high schooler he started a computer company. In 1984 he graduated from Harvard with a degree in English and American Literature.

From there he moved to Las Angeles in 1991 and founded People Doing Things, a company that stresses the importance things like education and health care by utilizing technology. A few years later he lead the effort to create Starbright World, a social network that allows chronically ill children to chat with and meet other people/children that are in similar situations as themselves. In 1997 Pulier was selected to to execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington DC. Following that he was a member in Al Gore’s healthcare and technology forum. He advised on healthcare and technology initiatives.

On top of all his work in the buisness world he is also a frequent donor to many chariaties and non profits and sits on the boards of both X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle. X- Prize Foundation holds competitions to solve the greatest problems and challenges that humans face. The Painted Turtle is a camp for chronically ill childen.

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Mike Baur Helps Young Entrepreneurs To Make Their Dreams A Reality

Mike Baur is an experienced banker who served in an executive position in the Swiss banking industry for more than 15 years before he decided to try his hand in entrepreneurship. He comes out as a dedicated professional whose passion for entrepreneurship has seen him launch the Swiss Startup Factory, an incubation facility that is helping young entrepreneurs to nurture their ideas.


He founded the company in 2014, the same year he exited banking and in the few years it has been operational, it have managed to support over 20 talented startups across the country. Mike Baur has expressed his passion for entrepreneurship through this program and has gone ahead and invited investors, who offer startups financial support once they are through with the incubation period.


Digital business strategy

The world has gone digital and any company that aspires to achieve great results ought to embrace digitization. The Swiss Startup Factory helps startups to manage their digital strategy by offering them a platform where they can plan on how to integrate digital processes.


Management and leadership

A startup performs depending on the effort that is put in by the people in leadership and management. The Swiss Startup Factory offers vital skills to the entrepreneurs to allow them to manage and lead well once the startup gets operational. They teach them how to implement the growth process and the kind of challenges they will encounter along the way. Most startups despite having great ideas fail in the first few months into establishment, and this is the trap the Swiss Startup Factory is helping young entrepreneurs to avoid.



Every startup needs to understand how things run in the market and the basic management principles that can make them better in the long run. This is one of the areas the Swiss Startup factory offers support to ensure by the time the business is officially launched, the entrepreneurs have vital running skills that can enhance performance.


Mike Baur

Mike Baur, born in Fribourg, is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has also been working to see that startups within the country access the support they need to grow. He previously worked as a banker before he made a decision to try entrepreneurship. Mike runs and owns the Swiss Startup Factory, an incubation facility for talented startups across the country.



InnovaCare for Healthcare Needs

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare system that manages Medicare Advantage plans as well as physician services. They work together with different aspects of the healthcare process to make sure that both patients and physicians are taken care of when they use the Medicare Advantage plans that InnovaCare administrates to the people of Puerto Rico. As one of the largest administrators of these plans, InnovaCare has worked to make sure that everything works well and to become one of the best available to people who are shopping for new healthcare coverage and who are eligible for Medicare Advantage plans.

InnovaCare has two different things that people can choose from and gives them the option to find a healthcare plan that works for them. They want to make sure that their clients are able to get the services that they need and they have several different options for the people who need to find Medicare plans to suit the lifestyle that they have. They are different in that they do give these options to people who previously had no options for their Medicare needs.

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The leaders of the entire InnovaCare Health system, Rick Shinto, the CEO and Penelope Kokkinides, the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare, have worked together to make sure that their business is being run the right way. They do everything that they need to comply with Medicare and they work with their physicians to make sure that they are giving them the services that they need. Because of this, Penelope Kokkinides can be seen as one of the greatest teams in healthcare and they continue to be among the best in the leadership roles that InnovaCare has seen.

They want to make sure that their physicians have exactly what they need and they do this by giving them the healthcare management systems on Facebook that they need to have available in their offices. Doctors can choose which options are the best for them and what works well for their offices when they choose InnovaCare. They can even choose to have plans where InnovaCare manages everything for them from a remote location and they only need to send them information on their patients and billing.

Billy’s Efforts to Empower Millennial

Business Insider said that Billy McFarland is one of the successful and youngest tech entrepreneurs based in America. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Magnises mobile app and black card. Billy was born in 1991 in New York City. He spent much of his early childhood in Short Hills, New Jersey.

This company is an online outsourcing venture that focuses on clients with designers. Later on, Billy McFarland briefly joined Bucknell University located in Lewisburg where he concentrated in computer engineering.

Dream Turns to a Reality

Towards the end of his first year in Bucknell University, Billy dropped out of college and established an online ad platform called Spling. To date, he still serves as the chief executive of the well performing ad platform.

Spling allows its users to better the appearance or URLs by simply turning them to graphic images from text links. Spling serves various clients including Universal and Discovery among others.

McFarland established Magnises in 2013 and launched the black metal card in March 2014. Magnises is an online site that enables its members appeal to the millennial generation as well as make their social life more fun.

Additionally, they are in a position to get access to discounts in some of the prestigious and finer clubs, restaurants, bars, fashion shows and amazing events where individuals can associate themselves with industry leaders and great professionals. Members of Magnises can also get travel upgrades and VIP access to classy fitness classes among others.

Achievements of Magnises

These events and perks of black card may seem overly fancy and elitist for some people , but by paying an affordable fixed fee yearly, it is a great investment to consider for empowering and enriching oneself by getting experience of the numerous and best things life offers.

In a short span of 2 years, Magnises has raised over $3 million from memberships and investments. Additionally, the company has managed to successfully expand to San Francisco and this is quite impressive.