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Securus Technologies Reaches New Bounds With Prosecutors

Last week, prosecutors from all over the country gave positive feedback regarding Securus Technologies. Much of this feedback had to do with the new cell phone tracking program offered by Securus. This new program pinpoints an individual who is on a cell phone while speaking with a prison inmate.


These prosecutors explained how hard this task has been in the past. They explained how it was impossible to find the location of a cell phone for two main reasons. The first is that cell phone users can use certain software to block their location, and the second reason is that cell phone users can use a cell phone that is registered out of the area. This left prosecutors puzzled, but prosecutors have since arrested thousands upon thousands of people with Securus Technologies new cell phone tracking program.


After reading these amazing reviews by prosecutors, Securus Technologies has just created a customer support team that is dedicated solely to prosecutors. If a prosecutor is having a tough time using any software provided by Securus, he/she can speak to a representative, and the matter will be fixed with haste. More importantly, this new customer support system has been created for prosecutors to leave their feedback. If prosecutors have ideas of how to refine a Securus service or even ideas to create a new service, Securus would love to hear about it.