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The Magical Touch of Madison Street Capital In The Case Of ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital is one of the premier names in the domain of international investment banking that works in varied domains like private equity, mergers and acquisition services, business valuation services, advisory to investment banks, corporate tax planning services, venture capital services and corporate financial advisory services. It is also known to provide financial opinions and consulting services to the various public and private businesses with utmost diligence, integrity, superiority and high-quality services, all of which hold the Madison Street Capital reputation at an esteemed level and therefore, it is one of the popular choices amongst the various businesses today.


Madison Street Capital has handled several major cases of eminent organizations, one of the main being the case of ARES Security Corporation. This is an enterprise security risk management company that is known for its gamut of software security solutions. Madison Street Capital played the role of a financial advisor for this firm and helped in the process of arrangement of minority equity and subordinated debt investment for the firm. In this process, a company called Corbel Structured Equity Partners ensured the minority recapitalization to ARES Security Corporation. Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, made an announcement regarding this transaction, which was led by Reginald McGaugh, Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital.


After this whole process had been completed, both the sides of the business deal expressed happiness in getting to transact with each other. As Reginald McGaugh stated that it was indeed a great scope to operate with the ARES Security Corporation, which is one of the leading providers of high-end technology solutions that are necessary for the protection of the critical assets of the world. In fact, he specifically mentioned about Ben Eazetta, ARES Security’s President and Shareholder and also appreciated the management team of ARES Security Partner, who guided Madison Street Capital in their search of hunting out the right financial partner for ARES Security Corporation. On the other hand, Ben Eazzetta also expressed elation with the endeavor of Madison Street Capital, who helped them to find Corbel very swiftly and in an excellent manner. The ARES-Corbel partnership is expected to scale new heights by the generation of maximum revenue and sales figure by ARES with the appropriate assistance of Corbel. With this project, another feather was added to the crown of Madison Street Capital that kept growing its status in the market in a rough manner.

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