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WaiakeaAchieves Enviable Success in a Short Time

Waiakea water has achieved a steady and upward progress since it rolled out its business in 2012. The 5000 percent growth has left many in and out of the industry marveling at the great feat Emmons team has pulled. Waiakea, whose foundation is on charity, sustainability and health, has grown its presence to a whopping 2000 stores spread all over the U.S. This brand is found in 30 U.S states to be exact. The local success has propelled Waiakea to international waters so that it is now launching a facility in Hawaii to cater to the international market.

Waiakea and Charity

Ryan Emmons, the founder and youthful entrepreneur, expressed satisfaction that the bottled water was doing phenomenally well. That the product demand has grown from a few thousand cases to about 120,000 cases each year, has left many reeling with shock and surprise. The success registered by waiakea water was made to feel better by the generous contribution the bottled water company demonstrates. 500 million bottles were donated to communities in Africa in need of fresh drinking water.

The partnership Waiakea has made with Pump Aid over the years is such that for each liter of drinking water sold, 650 liters is donated to deserving communities in Africa. Apart from its charity work, Waiakea enjoys success attributed to its composition as a product. The naturally alkaline drink is also rich in electrolytes and minerals. Waiakea is packed in recyclable bottles which makes it more endearing to clients.

A Different Approach

According to Forbes, Emmons feels that the success of Waiakea Water  is also due to the different success path the company took. That the water is certified to be CarbonNeutral®, also adds to its likability. Waiakea’s platform, charity, sustainability and health, has also encouraged clients to try the product.


Today,Waiakea spring water is estimated to be worth $10 million. This water bottle is in most of the supermarket shelves countrywide. It can be found in Whole Foods as well as Wawa.

The Volcanic Water

Specialty Food reported that Waiakea water is sourced from avolcano in Big Island. This volcano: Mauna Loa, has pure water rich in minerals. It has an alkaline taste and is electrolyte-rich. Venturing into this business was not easy, according to Emmons. The industry’s rich and experienced 50 something beverage entrepreneurs were intimidating, but Emmons and his team persisted.

Emmons says that though they were not so respected, today they are the talk of town after achieving what was an unprecedented success in a short while.