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Wild Ark – article recap

If you are an individual who is passionate about the environment, loves to travel and is an avid supporter of conservation and eco-conscious efforts for the betterment of our ecosystem, you will appreciate this short compilation of top-rated travel destinations for you and your family to explore on your next vacation.



Founded by a group of passionate conservationists whose main mission is to help educate the public on the importance of protecting and conserving our wildlife, and all aspects of it. They also aim to create opportunities for research and to inspire people to reconnect with nature and want to protect it.

Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, who are the founders of Wild Ark, are faced with the difficult but rewarding tasks of confronting the threats that our world’s wild places are facing head-on. Their vision is to “Experience – Learn – Protect” the world’s wild places.



Located roughly 20km south of Pattaya on the gulf of Thailand, this conservation project offers an exclusive opportunity to gain up close and hands-on experience and education about the basics of the Thai domestic elephant. You will learn all about their gentle nature and how to care for their basic needs while learning about the traditions in the life of the “mahouts.” A mahout is an individual of South and Southeast Asian descent who works with and tends to the needs of an elephant.

There are also other eco-friendly activities to take part in which includes general maintenance of the mahout village camp and trail, litter collection, helping with construction and gardening, teaching English to the mahouts and their families and much more.



If the idea of helping to rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals at one of Africa’s best wildlife sanctuaries appeals to you, then you should definitely plan a visit to Malawi’s Wildlife Sanctuary. By volunteering, you will contribute to such a rewarding cause and play a vital role in the lives of animals to ensure a safe and healthy journey back into the wild.


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