Website & Technical

How can I pay for my order?

We accept major credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and PayPal. All payment information entered on our site is confidential and secure.

When you choose PayPal as your payment method, you'll be redirected to PayPal's site to complete your order. You can check the status of your payment by logging in to your PayPal account.

We don't offer cash on delivery (COD).

How can I change the currency?

You can check product prices in your currency with our currency converter. The converter is in the bottom right corner of every screen. Payment transactions are in USD.

How can I change my order details (name, address, email)?

You can only make changes before processing starts. After your order has been processed, we're unfortunately unable to make any changes.

Always be sure to double-check your information before placing an order.

Why didn't I receive the order confirmation email?

As soon as you've made your payment, you should receive a confirmation email. If you weren't notified, contact Customer Service as soon as possible by filling out a form in the self-help section.

Product Information & Product Issues

I received an item that's the wrong size, what should I do?

If an item is too small or too big, please contact Customer Service. We'll try to resolve your problem. For the best fit, be sure to check out our sizing chart the next time you order.

An item is missing from my order, whay should I do?

Please take a picture of the package your item came in (the quantity, weight, and address should be visible). Send the picture to us through the self-help section, along with a brief description of the problem. This way, we can contact the shipping company and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

I don't like an item I received, what should I do?

Please go to our self-help section, add your information, and describe your problem to create a ticket. We'll get back to you.

Tracking & Shipping

Do you offer free shipping to my country?

More info on our shipping page.

Why was my order split into several packages?

We tend to ship items separately in the following cases:

The order includes many items, and they don’t all fit into one package.

An item is temporarily out of stock or has been backordered.

An item didn’t pass the first quality check and must be rechecked.